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          We are the Thompson Family

          What is life without a little bit of adventure?  We’re excited to be on the road less travelled as a military family in the United States Air Force following several years working as full time wedding and family photographers.  Thank you so much for taking the time to take a look around!  We appreciate you!

          Welcome to The Thompson Adventure!

          Walking Bellingham, Washington

          Time sure does feel like it keeps going faster and faster.  Almost 10 years ago Patience and I were doing this walk almost daily with the hope that exercise would induce labor and we would get to meet...
          Manual focus on mirrorless cameras

          My Sony A7III Experience

          The Sony A7III has been covered by so many other people that it almost feels like a waste of time doing this.  Thankfully, I feel like I’ve had a bit of a different experience shooting with it th...

          The beginning of The Thompson Adventure – A 2018 Year in Review

          I feel like I could write a novel about everything that happened this year but I'll spare everyone and just give a quick version in bullet point format along with a single photo from each month.  Afte...
          Wichita Family Photographer The Thompson Adventure

          Jonathon and Alina // Wichita, Kansas

          In the not very distant future I'm going to be writing a bit about my experience staying at home with Abbee and Noah while Patience was going through Air Force Basic Military Training.  It was a prett...
          C1ick Match Kodak Pro Fuji Pro The Thompson Adventure

          C1ick Match Film Profiles // Kodak Pro and Fujifilm Pro

          It is so ridiculously exciting to be posting this.  C1ick Match is live and the profiles we have been using are now available to the public!  We have been working with Dustin since 2013 as a photo edi...
          Springfield, Missouri Family Photographer The Thompson Adventure

          The Pollock Family // Springfield, Missouri

          It seems like forever ago when we first met Evan and Lindsey.  They had just moved to Washington from Missouri and while it was a homecoming for Lindsey, it was a new adventure for Evan and a new adve...

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